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Closed Fridays

Donation Hours
Monday – Thursday
9:30 am – 2:45 pm
or by appointment

Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Closed Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Chief Executive Officer
Michael Bright

Chief Operating Officer
Chris Hill

Medical Office Coordinator
Linda Carabajal

Director of medical services
Volunteer - Karen Hayes

Communications Coordinator
Donna Webb

Job Readiness Coordinator
Volunteer - Angie Medina

Faciities Coordinator
Volunteer - Ron Davis

Food Bank manager
Craig Hamilton




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Letter to supporters

ACS has taken on the challenge of reaching 300,000 underprivileged, disenfranchised, underserved, destitute, poor and disadvantaged people in Colorado by the year 2013. We believe it is their right as a member of humanity and a child of God. We plan to achieve this goal through our current services of food distribution, health and human services. Moreover; we develop partnerships with other like-minded non-profit agencies and private as well as public organization. We are committed to the betterment of Denver Metro and the surrounding areas. Therefore, with your support we will continue to fulfill our mission of building healthy communities. Currently, we are seeking financial assistance in the form of grants and donations from:

• Private and corporate entities as well as foundations
• Individual supportYou might be thinking: The challenge of reaching 300,000 people may seem too big. How do you plan to serve all those people? We believe.

“When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without so much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before.” –Jacob Rouis.
You might be asking: How can I help when I don’t have much to give? We believe.

One drop of water helps to swell the ocean, a spark of fire helps to give light to the world. None are too small, too feeble, to poor to be of service. Think of this and act.” –Hannah More.Your support, no matter how small, will ensure clients recieve the support services necessary to meet their most basic human needs

It all boils down to this:
• Residents in our state need our help!
• No gift is too small and perhaps, one day down the road, you may strike the hundred and first blow! Be an ACS Community LIFTer - Together, we make a difference! We extend the invitation to join our team of dedicated individuals who make the difference and impact their community!

Interested in knowing more about how you

can donate to acs?

AGENCY is pleased to announce our participation with Community First Foundation’s new online tool GivingFirst. GivingFirst is a Web site designed to enrich donors’ knowledge about the nonprofit sector and encourage charitable giving in metropolitan Denver.

GivingFirst is an online resource that provides vital facts about a nonprofit’s management, finances, and programs and creates a detailed portrait to help donors make informed decisions about their charitable giving. GivingFirst helps connect donors with causes they care about by sharing consistent, validated data on metropolitan Denver nonprofits.

To encourage philanthropy, whenever credit card donations are made through GivingFirst, Community First Foundation pays the credit card processing fees (through the end of 2009), which typically are at least three percent per gift. This means that 100 percent of gifts you make through go directly to AGENCY. What a great way to ensure your full donation goes to your favorite GivingFirst nonprofit.

In addition, for the month of April, Community First Foundation is running an additional incentive. The top 30 organizations with the most unique individual donors in the month of April will each receive $1,000. So once you have donated, remember to tell your friends how easy it is to help AGENCY. launched on May 31, 2007 and received contributions of more than $580,000 to participating nonprofits. Community First Foundation matched those gifts with an additional $100,000.

Learn more about GivingFirst at and/or about Community First Foundation at About GivingFirst
GivingFirst is a Web-based giving tool designed to enrich donors’ knowledge about the nonprofit sector and encourage charitable giving in metropolitan Denver. It is an online resource that provides consistent, validated data about nonprofits’ management, finances and programs. Visit About Community First Foundation
Community First Foundation (formerly known as LMC Community Foundation) has been serving the metropolitan Denver community since its founding in 1975. The Foundation is committed to strengthening the community by providing leadership and grant funding, and by assisting individuals in supporting their charitable causes through options such as estate planning and donor advised funds. The Foundation uses its resources to strengthen the community through its Nonprofit Preservation Initiative that includes education, Strengthening Partner Grants, GivingFirst, and Endowment Challenge Grants.

Ways to Support

Every Christmas we receive applications from over 100 families and we need people to adopt them for Christmas. The size of the family varies from 2 up to 10 people.

Please contact ACS LIFT for a chance to adopt a family. Fill out an application by return no later than mid November.

Stuff a Back Pack
There are many families in Colorado struggling to survive who do not have the extra money to buy these Back 2 School items. You have the opportunity to help them by donating a backpack full of supplies. You will make the children smile!

You may drop the backpacks off at ACS Community LIFT during business hours through out the months of June and July.

Feed My Sheep
The agency gives away over 300 tons of food a year. We need people and
corporations to donate:

• Canned fruit
• Canned green beans and corn
• Bags of rice and beans
• Boxes of cereal
• Jars of peanut butter &/or jelly
• Containers of dried soups
• Granola or power bars

Please collect your chosen items every time you go grocery shopping. Then drop the bag off at ACS Community LIFT during work hours

Or make a donation for the "Hunger Challenge". For every dollar( $1) donated we have five ($5.00) dollars worth of buying power.

You may also drop the items off at:

Aspen Park Seventh-day Adventist Church
LifeSource Adventist Fellowship
Denver South Seventh-day Adventist Church
Denver West Seventh-day Adventist Church
Golden Seventh-day Adventist Church
True Life Community Seventh-day Adventist Company

If you SHOP online, use
Turn your everyday online shopping into philanthropy!
Sign up at

Benefits Include:
• Variety of shops
• Sites you already use
• Portion donated to ACS
• Easy to use
• Tax deduction

Sign up at

Story Told by Volunteer

A young couple came into our agency seeking help with food and shelter. Four months ago they had moved to Denver when the husband had been offered a job here. The job lasted 2 months and then he was laid off. Within a couple of weeks they were evicted from their apartment and living in their car with their 1 year old daughter.

He was able to find daily jobs hoping to eventually afford a motel room for his family. He hoped a permanent position would become available. If not, his goal was to earn enough money to move back to the state they had come from. This young family was very grateful for the assistance we were able to give them in the form of food, bus tokens and a couple of nights in a motel.I knew the help was temporary but it gave them the hope and support they needed to make it though the next week.

By Anonymous Volunteer

Corporate Sponsorship
Major Sponsor $1,500- 10,000
• Event attendees
• Marketing opportunities
• VIP Tent
• Customized options

Basic Sponsors $600-1000
• Event attendees
• Marketing opportunities
• Customized options Assets
• Ad space on van
• Website linkage/ banner advertisements
• Newsletter
• Annual Report
• Mission in Action events
• Splash
• Ride the Rockies (sports events)
• Season of Thanksgiving
• Remodel
• Others to be added as ACS growsWays of Engagement
• Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly Donations
• Employee payroll deductions
• Volunteer Opportunities
• In-Kind Donations
• Special Gifts for events
• Printed/electronic sponsorship

Please contact Michael Bright for corporate package:

303-935-7389 ext 102
or 303.913.1585

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